Solidarity and Tourism

Connessioni – Villaggio Globale dell’Impegno Sociale

The link between solidarity and tourism

Solidarity and tourism are two areas with numerous and unexplored interconnections. Social commitment, declined in an interregional or international dimension, generates significant flows of mobility which benefit reception structures and, in general, the communities in which they operate. Similarly, conscious tourism is an important tool for getting to know people and territories.

The union between solidarity and tourism thus generates virtuous circles thanks to which volunteering, in pursuing objectives of a social nature, determines important cultural and economic effects. In reverse, tourism, where it stimulates awareness, lays the foundations for important projects and initiatives of a socio-cultural nature.

“Connessioni – Villaggio Globale dell’Impegno Sociale” intends to contribute to enhancing the synergistic relationship between tourism and solidarity, making it good practice.


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