The Event

Connessioni: the international volunteer fair

“Connessioni – Villaggio Globale dell’Impegno Sociale” is an international congress of third sector operators designed to create a space for meeting and sharing in the context of promoting social commitment and active citizenship.

In international meetings, the name “Global Village” indicates an appointment in which each participant presents to the others some peculiar aspects of their own culture. Through “Connessioni” we intend to borrow this moment of sharing by placing good practical ideas and planning at its center.

In doing so, we set ourselves the ambitious goal of weaving a transnational network of cooperation that was born in Sardinia, a land of volunteerism and commitment, to then develop in the rest of the world. The event will last seven days and will be open to associations, committees, institutions, private organizations, citizens.

“Connessioni – Villaggio Globale dell’Impegno Sociale” is realised with the contribution of the Department of Tourism, Crafts and Commerce of the Autonomous Region of Sardinia, the Foundation of Sardinia and in collaboration with the magazine Sardegnagol, the official media partner of the project.