Connessioni – Villaggio Globale dell’Impegno Sociale

The Agenda of Connessioni

18/12 at 17.00 Official opening and conference: the role of the third sector in Sardinia;
21/12 at 15.00 Focus: European legislation in the third sector;
21/12 at 18.00 Round table: Innovation in the third sector;
23/12 10.00 Tourism and solidarity: presentation of good practices in Europe;
23/12 at 12.00 Didactic workshops for the creation of future tourist and social routes;
27/12 10.00 am Discussion and approval of the transactional charter of social commitment;
28/12 at 15.00 Presentation of the activities of solidarity and development of the territory of a Pro Loco;
29/12 at 4.00 pm presentation of the transnational charter of social commitment;
30/12 at 15.00 Presentation of the results of the work of the conference;
30/12 at 4.00 pm Festival of peoples of peoples and civil commitment;